Match Reports




Cannington lost to Doctors by 5 wickets


  In the event this turned into a slight mismatch as Cannington were some players short and the Docs, buoyed up by Tom and Olly Minchin as well as their mate Harry Eaton, were at strength.

  Cannington won the toss and elected to bat.  Two suicidal run-outs in the first over, followed soon after by another, plus two sharp catches by Harry Eaton at short mid-off, removed the cream of their batting. Only Rob Adcock (20) and  Chris Cullum who thumped a majestic 26 plus another 20 or thereabouts made any impression on the steady bowling of the Minchins, Keith Powell, Charles Macadam, Jeremy Budd and Hugh Ogle. They were all out for 100 with a couple of overs left.

  Docs started steadily with John Ogle finding a couple of boundaries before being trapped leg-before by 14 yr old Imogen Venner for 11.  Keith Powell swatted a couple away but was then bowled.  The 4 students then took over and apart from Tom who drove airily and was well taken by Cullum behind the stumps, they rapidly neared the below-par target. Hugh Ogle was stumped off the leg spin of young Joshua Venner going for the winning hit which arrived soon after.

  It was another sunny and warm evening. Some grass had come back to life after the recent day’s rain, and the groundsman had, I am pleased to say, been busy filling in a few rabbit holes in the out-field.