Match Reports




Doctors beat Crowcombe All Stars by 6 wickets


 Tour de la France

         Due to an oversight by your fixtures secretary, our planned visit to France narrowly followed the French election and the rise of M. Macron to the position of head of the Onze de Silfiac.  Hence we were unable to go ahead with the tour.  In the event, our esteemed host Keith Powell who had been called away on ecclesiastical business was quietly relieved that his home would not be invaded in his absence.


 vs Crowcombe All Stars (latterly Set Square

         On the back of the cancelled tour there was a glut of applicants for selection, and Phil Barker had the unenviable task of whittling down the 17 possibles.

         It was a beautiful evening, Graham won the toss and elected to field.  Sedge opened up with a testing over, clean bowling T. Ash with his second ball. At the other end Hugh Ogle found accurate line and length just outside off-stump, and ended his tidy spell of 3 overs with 0-8; Sedge took 1-11 off a similar number, and for a while the opposition failed to move into top-gear. G Metcalf retired on a grafted 27, and George Watson at 6 contributed a lusty 25.  Andrew Guppy (0-18), Will Bere (0-24) and Will Ogle (0-21) received some treatment, but Sam Powell (1-3), Matt Bere (2-13) reigned them in, and Graham Fergusson (1-0), having narrowly failed with a reflex backwards stumping attempt, immediately took the final wicket to fall.

         In reply, Keith Powell scored a rapid 25 after his opening partner, Rob Adcock, unluckily lost out to a catch when on 2.  Matt Bere demonstrated his elegant stroke-play once again before being unluckily caught on 23. Graham Ferguson uncharacteristically fell to a top edge without scoring, leaving it to Hugh Ogle and Chris Cullum who carried their bats for 25 and 16 respectively, to take us home with 4 overs remaining.

         The seasonís first victory was notched up to much rejoicing!