Match Reports




Doctors beat Burnham by 50 runs


Doctors                             157 for 6


Burnham                           107 all out


  Andrew Paisley and Adrian Fisher resumed their successful opening partnership on a soggy Cannington strip.  Michael Green and H.Dhaliwal bowled well and were hard to get away but the openers gradually accelerated in a fine 50 stand.  Fisher (30 n.o.) retired and Paisley (23) was bowled by a ball from P.Harris (1-35) which kept low which led to a reunion for the equally successful middle order duo of Harry Lee and Graham Fergusson. After a careful reconnaissance the partnership blossomed and reached a crescendo with each batsman hitting two huge sixes.  Lee retired on 35 and Fergusson (22) was caught by Harris off Dhaliwal (1-23) and then an excellent spell by B.House (3-23) checked the run rate by taking wickets.  John Bishop (10) added to his catalogue of dismissals to extravagant shots when he ‘Dilscooped’ House into the hands of the keeper but skipper Sam Powell (13 n.o.) pushed the total over 150 with a late assault.

  Doctors opened with spin from both ends which yielded spectacular results.  Robert Seymour (3-12) was aided by catches from Lee and Peter Reed and a fast stumping by Fergusson.  Powell (2-12) also engineered a stumping and the visitors were 29 for 5.  Things did not get any better as Oliver Budd (1-18) drew Green forward and Fergusson pounced again and then Reed accepted a caught and bowled chance to dismiss Harris.  Dhaliwal and B.Gundoz produced the only partnership of substance until Gundoz (12) was beaten outside off stump by Reed (2-24), lifted a foot, and became Fergusson’s 4th stumping victim.  Burnham’s number eleven J.Harding batted as well as anyone but the end came with wickets for Ed Johnson (2-10) leaving Dhaliwal unbeaten with an excellent 25.