Match Reports




Doctors beat Environment Agency by 63 runs


Doctors†††††††††† 134 for 3


E.Agency††††††† 71 all out


Doctors lost an early wicket when Andrew Paisley chipped his first ball from Dave Reeves (1-7) to square leg but then the contrasting methods of Sam Powell and Rob Adcock gave their team solid foundations on which to build.Powell (26 retired) played the ideal role for a number 3, rotating the strike and dispatching the bad balls while Adcock had obviously decided to take his fitness programme onto the field as his 25 (retired) was composed exclusively of ones and twos.Bertie Broughton (27 retired) and Phil Barker supplied mid-innings impetus with a number of elegantly timed boundaries until Barker (12) became one of two victims for Ian Symonds (2-10) but Richard Budd (16 n.o.) and Charles Macadam (13 n.o.) finished the innings with a flurry of well struck shots to post a challenging total.

Two quick wickets from the hypnotic spin of Robert Seymour (2-17) checked the visitorsí early progress but Symonds and James Yarham responded in spirited fashion.Yarham led something of a charmed life as Doctorsí fielders concentration wavered and four chances were put down.Peter Reed (1-15) had suffered most from the lapses but finally snared Yarham (20) with the final ball of his spell when he was caught by Phil Barker at cover.Symonds (10) was bowled by a quick delivery in the fading light from Josh House (1-1) and there was a collapse at the hands of Macadam (2-9), aided by a catch from Reed at square leg, and Paisley (2-10), aided by a smart stumping from Jeremy Budd.The end was nigh when Barker took his second and third catches of the innings and Broughton (2-5) administered the last rites.