Match Reports




Doctors beat Goathurst by 19 runs

Doctors            154 for 3


Goathurst         135 for 4



  Doctors chose first use of another good batting wicket at Cannington and started sedately against the accuracy of Andrew Clark and Angus McDonagh.  Graham Fergusson and John Ogle enjoy batting against Goathurst and, once they had assessed the pace of the pitch the drives, pulls and cuts began to flow and their 50 partnership came up in the 9th over.  The match rules decreed retirement at 30 (fortunately runs not years as otherwise Doctors would not have had a single player!) and Fergusson (30 n.o.) was putting his feet up after 9 overs.  Ogle (28) went for a big drive to bring up his 30 but was beaten by a good ball from Paddy MacLennan and saw his of stump cartwheeling, and soon afterwards Dave Rooke was called for an unfeasible single by James Murdoch and was run out by a yard.  Murdoch made amends with a fine display of both front foot driving and, in partnership with Will Chandler, of excellent running between the wickets – although at one time both batsmen were at the same end of the pitch but still managed to survive.  When Murdoch retired on 30 not out MacLennan (1-23) and Geoff Shaw (1-24) bowled intelligently to keep the scoring within bounds but Chandler’s class prevailed as he too went to 30 not out with impressive support from Phil Barker (14 n.o.) who, as usual, produced the right innings for the circumstances.


  Goathurst were not fazed by the formidable target and Griffiths and Jon Hardwicke played aggressively from the start.  Tom Hopkins (1-10) bowled a fine containing spell and was justly rewarded with the wicket of Griffiths (11), well held by John Down running at full tilt from mid on.  Hardwicke’s recent hip surgery has not impaired his old habit of using his feet well to bludgeon anything straight to the legside boundary and he soon became the fourth batsman in the match to reach 30 not out.  Jacob Clarkson and Andrew Clark ran well and played a selection of attractive shots and Goathurst were in the ascendant when they threw their advantage away.  Clarkson (18) was the first to go.  As non-striker he had been warned by the bowler Barker for setting off down the wicket way before the ball had been bowled, but the warning was not heeded and after ignoring it for a few balls the bowler lost patience and broke the stumps to run him out.  Barker and Down had teamed up well to squeeze down the scoring rate and the pressure told as three overs later Clark (15) pushed the ball towards mid off and turned blind for a second run as Hopkins was gathering the ball.  The unerring throw to the bowlers end left him stranded and left the incoming batsmen facing an uphill battle.  Peter Reed (1-12) kept the stranglehold on the batsmen and Goathurst’s hopes were further dented when MacLennan clipped him straight to Murdoch at midwicket.  Forty eight runs were needed from the last 3 overs and despite some late belligerence from Shaw and D.Clarkson the result was a formality.