Match Reports




News for Season 2001

This Season P.25, W.15, D. 1, L. 9

Historical Totals P 366, W.237, D. 12, L.117

BWDCC has now completed 19 seasons

Only 34 fixtures arranged this year! (37 last yr)

9 matches cancelled (14 cancelled last year): 3 because of rain (7 last yr) and 5 by the opposition (7 last yr). One cancelled by us.

53 Players, of whom 17 played only 1 game. 39 players bowled - a very similar pattern to the last 3 years.

Personal landmarks:

D.Rooke 3000 runs

N.Bray 1500 runs

G.Fergusson 6500 runs

K.Powell 2500 runs

G.Fergusson 150 wkts

M.Smart 50 wkts

J.Powell 50 wkts (and has overtaken K.Powell 44 wkts!)

Records achieved this year:

Leading run scorer G.Fergusson 366 runs.

Leading wicket taker P.Reed 28 wickets.

Youngest ever player: Richard Budd.

Record number of catches: A.Dunkley (11)

No new doctors played (The first time ever). The total is still 64


Best Batsman: Keith Powell

Best Bowler: John Down

Best Innings: John Ogle

Best Bowling: Mike Smart

Best Fielder: Alan Dunkley