Match Reports




News for Season 2002

                                    P.         W.       D.        L.             

This Season                 20        16        0         4         


Historical Totals          386      253      12        121     



BWDCC has now completed 20 seasons


Only 33 fixtures arranged this year!


12 matches cancelled  (9 cancelled last year and 14 the year before):

3 because of rain and 8 by the opposition  (5 last yr and 7 in 2000).   One cancelled by us.



45 Players, of whom 17 played only 1 game (including A.Paisley and W.Chandler).    

33 players bowled - a very similar pattern to the last 4 years.



Personal landmarks: 


J.Budd                        2000 runs and 200 wickets


J.Down            150 wkts

P.Reed                        350 wkts



Records achieved this year:


Leading run scorer G.Fergusson 476 runs.

Leading wicket taker J.Down 21 wickets.

Record Disparity in the number of catches between one season and the next: A.Dunkley (11 to 1).




No new doctors played (Second season running).   The total is still 64



Best Batsman: Harry Lee

Best Bowler: Steve Dorrett

Best Innings: Dave Rooke

Best Bowling: John Down

Best Fielder: Graham Fergusson


Bridgwater Doctors 20th Anniversary


5 of the original team who played against the Quantock Gateway on 21st July 1983 are still playing:


Peter Reed

Graham Fergusson

Dave Rooke

Steve Dorrett

Richard Lee