Match Reports




News for Season 2004


                                                P.         W.       T.         L.             


         This Season                    21        13        1         7         


         Historical Totals             430      283      13        134     



         BWDCC has now completed 22 seasons


         2 matches cancelled by the opposition (both by Bristol Doctors).  3 matches lost to the weather


         51 players (39 last year), of whom 18 played only 1 game (9 last year).    

         36 players bowled (31).



         Personal landmarks: 


D.Gwynne Jones 2500 runs

W.Chandler          2000 runs

P.Barker               1000 runs

A.Dunkley             500 runs

H.Lee                     500 runs


P.Reed                          400 wickets


M.Smart                        100th match



Three “almost” records:          D.Rooke 26 runs short of 3500

                                                K.Powell 26 runs short of 3000

                                                K.Powell (still) 1 wicket short of 50 wickets



        Records achieved this year:


Leading run scorer: J.Ogle 243 runs.


Leading wicket takers: S.Powell & P.Reed 20 wickets.

  (NB Sam Powell has bowled beautifully this year and after 2 years of bowling well without reward has at last got the wickets he deserved)


Graham Fergusson: 11 stumpings




No new doctors played (Fourth season running).   The total is still 64




        Captain’s remarks


We have had another good season which I have thoroughly enjoyed and I would like to thank everyone who has bowled, batted and fielded with full commitment.  I am proud and pleased to say that we have, as ever, played the game in the spirit in which it should be played.


My thanks go to John Ogle for an excellent fixture list (produced in February), to Charles Macadam for doing the unenviable job of team secretary despite not being able to play a single game because of his broken ankle, and to Phil Barker for another really well organised tour.


There have been some real highlights, particularly the win against Pencombe when the bowling of Mike Sullivan, John Down and Sam Powell destroyed their batting line up and David Williamson saw us home on a difficult wicket, and the 1 run victory against the Orthopaedic Surgeons, notable for a spell of 3-36 and two brilliant caught and bowled dismissals by James Murdoch.


There have also been a couple of dismal lows; the drubbing by Taunton School in the first match of the season and the defeat to Spaxton on a wet evening at Cannington when we only turned up with 6 players.


I’m sorry that there were only 3 close finishes, the match v the Orthopaedic Surgeons and the two games v Unison (both of which we should have won despite their premier league “guest players”).  In general this year we have either won comfortably or lost heavily.


I would like to thank Rob Adcock for recruiting the estimable Kim Webber to provide most excellent teas for our Sunday games – the highlight of the day on all three occasions.


My particular pleasure again this season has been the continued development of a new young generation of cricketers.  Now that Joe and Harry Lee, John Rooke, Sam Powell and Richard Gower have joined the ranks of the “older” cricketers it is good to see Oliver and Richard Budd, Tom Chandler and Scott Bellinger making appearances for Bridgwater Doctors and doing well.  If we can keep them playing I hope it will encourage our cricketing O.A.P.s to keep going so that Bridgwater Doctors will continue for the foreseeable future.



Best Batsman: Phil Barker

Best Bowler: Sam Powell

Best Innings: Harry Lee

Best Bowling: Steve Witts

Best Fielder: James Murdoch