Match Reports




News for Season 2012

                                                P.         W.       D.        L.             


         This Season                    11        5                     6         


         Historical Totals             572      384      18        170     



 BWDCC has now completed 30 seasons



30 matches arranged.  9 matches cancelled by opposition and 10 matches lost to the weather


32 players (41 last year), of whom 11 played only 1 game (15 last year).    

23 players bowled (33).



         Personal landmarks: 


P.Barker                     2000 runs

S.Powell                      150 wickets

A.Paisley         200 matches



        Impending landmarks: 


G.Fergusson    9973 runs

K.Powell         3982 runs

S.Powell          2476 runs

C.Macadam     199 matches


K.Powell is closing in on D.Rooke’s record for the most dismissals while batting for BDCC

(D.Rooke 239, K.Powell 224, J.Budd 217)




        Records achieved this year:


Leading run scorer: H.Lee 178 runs.


Leading wicket taker: P.Reed 12 wickets.



28 catches taken this year  (56 last year, 69 in 2010)



One new doctor this year (Tom Langston).   The total is 69.



 Thanks go to John Ogle for an excellent fixture list and to Phil Barker for organising (and cancelling) the teams so efficiently in very trying circumstances.




Best Batsman: Phil Barker

Best Bowler: Peter Reed

Best Innings: K.Powell

Best Bowling: I.Mann

Best Fielder: H.Lee