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Retirement Reflections


...by Peter Reed


They say that you should go out at the top!


In the late seventies I read some, very good, advice: You should leave them asking “Why you are retiring?” not “Why haven’t you retired yet?”


I never was much good at taking advice.


If I had done I would have retired from cricket in 1980 after a brief but spectacular career as a seriously quick bowler and an attacking number six batsman – a description which might, justifiably, be received with some incredulity by anyone who has seen me play in the last three decades!


I’m glad that I didn’t take that advice. If I had done I would have missed a lot of things that I hold dear.


By the time that I arrived in Bridgwater in 1979 my knees were damaged and my back was playing up.  I was consigned to second or third team cricket and by no means sure of getting a game every week.  So what to do?  Obvious!  Start a team of your own.  By 1983 we were lucky to have enough young(ish) doctors, plus the odd dentist, pharmacist etc to make up a team – and so it began.


My career in adult cricket lasted 52 years and I long ago lost count of the number of teams for which I have played.  I have loved every minute (admittedly some minutes more than others) but none more so than those spent playing with Bridgwater Doctors Cricket Club.  


Cricket is a game that closely mimics life.  There are ups and downs, there is boredom and excitement, disaster and triumph, disappointment and (occasional) fulfilment.  It tests you physically and mentally and it teaches you about yourself and your fellow men.  I haven’t counted them but I guess that several hundred people have played for BDCC over the last 32 years.  One or maybe two of them haven’t been very nice but they didn’t last long. 


There are two reasons why I played for so long; one is that I love cricket, the other, much more important reason is the people with whom I have played.  I am glad that our team has always been made up of people who are fair, honest, friendly and decent; people who approach the game, and life, in the way that it should be played.   I am proud to call you all my friends and I wish you every success in the future.